Stockholm County Council decided to invest in a patient monitoring system, in order to optimize patient flow and increase patient security. They were looking for a complete system that could be shared between the different hospitals within their region, and needed to create a patient monitoring procurement. That’s where Precuris came in.

The first thing we did as a group, was decide what type of system they needed. Sharing can sometimes be a challenge, especially when all organizations work within different healthcare fields, but are equally important. What we could provide during this process was our knowledge and experience to guide them in the right direction, help them prioritize and make recommendations. In the next step, we presented a suggestion with a complete patient monitoring system, including a service and support agreement and education. Precuris took care of everything from contracts to delivery, and it’s now under evaluation with the council. Once the system is installed, we will continue to support Stockholm County Council by doing follow-ups and making improvements as needed, and help them reach their goal of becoming a more efficient and secure institution.

What we did:

• Support and guidance through the decision process
• Finding the best system for the best price
• Creating contracts and agreements
• Providing delivery of the system
• Providing education
• Planning and problem-solving
• Follow-ups and improvements

Outcome Our numbers

  • 250 Million sek
  • 4 Hospital tender
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