In 2018, Karolinska University Hospital moved to their brand-new facilities in Solna, Stockholm and became one of the most modern and sustainable hospitals in the world. During this impressive project, we had the honor of commissioning and installing their sterile technical equipment – primarily disinfectors (spol- och diskdesinfektorer).

We spent an amazing and educational couple of years managing this part of their project, while also providing guidance and support to their own project managers throughout the different processes. With years of experience at our disposal, we were able to present them with everything from co-ordination plans and risk forecasting, to preparations and installation. But that wasn’t it. We always aim to do everything we can to leave our clients feeling confident. Confident that they can use and handle their equipment, even after our part of the project is done. That’s why make sure to do follow-ups, make improvements and support their staff – so that they can continue on their journey, and strive towards a better, healthier future.

What we did


  • Managed and administered the Sterile Techniques project
  • Commissioned the sterile technical equipment
  • Provided guidance and support
  • Co-operation plans and other planning
  • Risk forecasting
  • Physical and technical preparations on site
  • Installed the sterile technical equipment
  • Follow-ups and improvements to assure the future of the equipment

Outcome Our numbers

  • 550 Care beds
  • 84 Intensive care units
  • 33 Operating rooms
  • 3 Hybrid rooms
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