Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm is a place not only for healthcare, but for science and education. Their main responsibility is to care for the patients who suffer the most severe injuries or illnesses. As their new facilities in Solna, Stockholm came close to being finished, our part in the project could begin. 

Precuris’ responsibility was to “activate” the new buildings, making them fully equipped, functional and ready for occupation. We took care of the interior, installed and tested all the equipment, we even did additional constructional work. ICT, simulations and creating functioning workflows are also important when preparing a new activity, as well as educating those who are going to use the premises. In order to manage a big and important project like this one, you do need good leadership and planning skills. We love putting our knowledge and experience to good use, and being able to influence something as important as healthcare.

What we did

  • Managed and administered the Activation project
  • Leading and co-operating the different processes
  • Imported all the interior
  • Imported, installed and tested the equipment
  • Additional constructional work
  • Installed and tested ICT
  • Provided simulations and workflow plans
  • Provided education
  • Provided guidance and support
  • Planning and problem-solving
  • Follow-ups and improvements

Outcome Our numbers

  • 14.5 billion The PPP agreement
  • 18.5 billion Total to build New Karolinska
  • 4.3 billion Added medical technology and other technical equipment
  • 61 billion Total costs for building, equipping and maintaining the hospital
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