We deliver from day one

All of our projects incorporate a new mindset and the collected experience from previous engagements. Our way of working is project-based and characterized by commitment, courage and high-quality deliveries.

One of our sub-projects within the new construction project is managing procurements, as well as finding suppliers of medical equipment for the new sterile service department
Hässleholm Sjukhus
Regionfastigheter are building a new orthopedics clinic at Hässleholm Hospital. They wanted to complement their team with some external competence, preferably someone who understands the medical industry and can manage a new construction project.
Hässleholm Sjukhus
When Capio Aleris Sabbatsberg decided to accredit their X-ray department according to the standard of ISO 17025:2017, they contacted us. The goal was to ensure the highest possible standard throughout their processes. Our mission in this project was to work together with the management of the Aleris X-ray business department and the management and staff of the Aleris Sabbatsberg X-ray department.
Aleris Sabbatsberg
At the end of 2019, new construction of surgery (OR) and imaging departments (X-ray & MRI) at Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, is planned to be completed. Stockholm is a region in rapid development. In order to meet the growing need for care, Region Stockholm is conducting one of the largest investments ever in health care.
Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge
Stockholm County Council decided to invest in a patient monitoring system, in order to optimize patient flow and increase patient security. They were looking for a complete system that could be shared between the different hospitals within their region, and needed to create a patient monitoring procurement. That’s where Precuris came in.
Stockholm County Council
In 2018, Karolinska University Hospital moved to their brand-new facilities in Solna, Stockholm and became one of the most modern and sustainable hospitals in the world. During this impressive project, we had the honor of commissioning and installing their sterile technical equipment – primarily disinfectors (spol- och diskdesinfektorer).
Karolinska University Hospital
Precuris’ responsibility was to “activate” the new buildings, making them fully equipped, functional and ready for occupation. We took care of the interior, installed and tested all the equipment, we even did additional constructional work.
Karolinska University Hospital
When Capio St. Göran Hospital decided to extend their premises and adapt their facilities for the healthcare of the future, they contacted us. The goal was for the extension to result in an additional 29.000 square meters, 96 new hospital beds, new operating theatres and a sterile central, among other things.
Capio St. Göran Hospital