23/3/2020 Together to fight shortage

We are working at Capio Saint Göran’s Hospital and just as in many healthcare facilities, there is a shortage of protective gear. We want to share the helpful tips and smart alternatives that we have come across. Share your tip and feel free to e-mail us.


Running out of gowns?

If the supply of protective gowns is running low, you can use rain ponchos and water-resistant gear as an option of last resort.


Make your own hand sanitizer

Some ingredients might be hard to find, but if you have them, it’s as safe to mix as buying a bottle of hand sanitizer from your pharmacy. This recipe comes from WHO.

Also, we’ve put up an Excel document, where you can fill in the milliliter of your choice and the document will update the amount of each ingredient automatically.

Download the ingredient calculator of making your own hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer 5000 ml

Ethanol: 4167 ml
Hydrogen peroxide 3%: 209 ml
Glycerol: 73 ml
Water: 553 ml

Or with hydrogen peroxide 30%:

Ethanol: 4167 ml
Hydrogen peroxide 30%: 20,9 ml
Glycerol: 73 ml
Water: 740 ml