23/3/2020 Make your own face shields

In a collaboration with a product designer we have developed a model of a face shield to be printed in a 3D printer ­– where transparency or laminated paper is used as a visor. Download the model and follow the assembling instructions below.

Main benefits

  1. Developed by professionals
  2. Easy to assemble (snap the protective sheet to the front, no holes needed)
  3. Easy to clean with disinfectant (no hard to reach cavities)
  4. Made to be used several times
  5. Fits well and comfortable to wear for extended periods.
  6. Supports A4 and letter sized sheets.


For download

Print is optimized for 0.8mm nozzle and the model can be printed on most 3D printers with a build area of 185mm x 215mm.

Download the model


For assembling

Hold the sheet in place and pull the snap together with your thumb and index finger.

If you want to remove the sheet, push this piece forward.


Do you want to deliver printed face shields? Contact us at preben@precuris.com